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Date Title Author(s)
7/6/2023 What’s Behind the Growing Number of Attacks in Southern Thailand? Rahul Mishra
7/6/2023 ASEAN firms up its struggle for centrality Rahul Mishra & Peter Brian M Wang
26/1/2023 Tirukkural, Statecraft and the Art of Diplomacy Rahul Mishra & Yanitha Meena Louis
30/12/2022 Anwar Ibrahim’s unity government: A tightrope walk Rahul Mishra
23/12/2022 Regional Blocs as ‘Norm Setters’ in the International Order: Analysing the Role of EU and ASEAN Rahul Mishra & Peter Brian M Wang
23/12/2022 Our signature ASEAN push – good strategy, but difficult Anthony Milner & Ron Huisken
15/12/2022 ASEAN, EU champion economic integration in divided world Rahul Mishra & Peter Brian M Wang
15/12/2022 What to expect from the EU-Asean Summit? Rahul Mishra & Neevia Kurup
15/12/2022 Australia-ASEAN relations: Resetting the agenda between neighbours Nurliana Kamaruddin & Imran Lum
23/11/2022 Malaysia’s elections: Amidst uncertainty, a glimmer of hope Rahul Mishra
07/11/2022 From Jakarta to Nusantara: making sense of Indonesia’s capital shift Rahul Mishra & Peter Brian M Wang
06/09/2022 Book Publication: English in Southeast Asia And ASEAN Transformation of Language Habitats Azirah Hashim & Gerhard Leitner
25/05/2021 The ASEAN Regional Forum: Challenges and Prospects Mohamed Jawhar Hassan
27/04/2021 East Asia Summit the right way to resolve Myanmar conundrum Rahul Mishra
27/04/2021 Commentary: Solution to Myanmar’s political crisis lies beyond Aung San Suu Kyi or the military Rahul Mishra
22/04/2021 Asia and Europe in the 21st Century New Anxieties, New Opportunities (Eds) Rahul Mishra, Azirah Hashim, Anthony Milner
30/03/2021 Duterte’s Perilous China Gambit Rahul Mishra
30/03/2021 India, Bangladesh can revive Bay of Bengal dynamism Rahul Mishra
26/03/2021 Why army crackdown in Myanmar is a crisis for ASEAN Rahul Mishra
23/02/2021 Strengthening consensus on the rules and principles underpinning international order Andrew Godwin
23/02/2021 Rules-Based Order in Outer Space Rajeswari Pillai Rajagopalan
23/02/2021 Commentary on Rules-Based Order in the Asia-Pacific Dr Tsutomu Kikuchi
23/02/2021 Rules-Based Order? Strengthening consensus on the rules and principles underpinning the international order Joel Ng, Sarah Teo, and Benjamin Ho
23/02/2021 How Track II organisations can move forward the discussion of the RBO Zha Daojiong & Dong Ting
23/02/2021 Preserving the 'Rules-Based Order' Dr Bec Strating
23/02/2021 ‘Rules-Based’ Order in the Post-Unipolar World Rahul Mishra
23/02/2021 What (and Whose) Rules Based Order (RBO)? Bilahari Kausikan
23/02/2021 Rules-Based Order – More Than Words Lina A. Alexandra
23/01/2021 Malaysia and Turkey: Old Friends, New Allies? Jatswan Singh
20/10/2020 The United States and Iran: Beyond the Nuclear Weapons Issue Mohamed Jawhar Hassan
6/10/2020 Inside the Crime of Sex Trafficking in Sabah, Malaysia Ravi Mahalingam and Jatswan S. Sidhu
29/07/2020 Who could move us beyond the US-China dynamic – ASEAN? Anthony Milner and Astanah Abdul Aziz
21/05/2020 No Time for ASEAN Members to Self-Isolate Pou Sothirak
21/05/2020 The International Order After COVID-19 Herman Joseph S. Kraft
11/05/2020 COVID-19: An Opportunity to drive ASEAN Institutional Reform Aung Zin Phyo Thein
11/05/2020 ASEAN Rises as the West Falls Nurliana Kamaruddin
04/05/2020 Asia is Uniting Around Virus Crisis Kavi Chongkittavorn
30/04/2020 The missing piece in the debate about the future regional order Dr. Nurliana Kamaruddin & Dr. Jan Vincent Galas
26/06/2019 Reading Room: Thai Military Power Anthony Milner
12/03/2019 Negara Brunei Darussalam in 2018: Some Good News at Last Jörn Dosch, Jatswan S. Sidhu
16/05/2018 What does TPP-11 tell us about Asia’s geopolitics? Rahul Mishra and Asef Raiyan Hoque
23/03/2018 The ASEAN–Australia summit: success, but some false leads Anthony Milner
19/03/2018 ASEAN is back, and that is good news for Australia Anthony Milner
13/03/2018 Culture and values central to creating deeper partnership Anthony Milner
1/2/2018 EU-ASEAN Relations: Perspectives from Malaysia Asia-Europe Institute
11/01/2018 Australia must embrace ASEAN, but we’ve got listening to do Anthony Milner and Jenny McGregor
8/11/2017 ASEAN’s five key challenges Tan Sri Rastam Mohd Isa
13/06/2017 ASEAN's triumph Azirah Hashim & Anthony Milner
1/06/2017 The US withdrawal from the Paris Climate agreement: What lies ahead and who fills the vacuum? Sameer Kumar
20/04/2017 A White Paper for Dangerous Times Anthony Milner
19/04/2017 Wither ASEAN: Intergovernmental Association or an integrated community? Muthiah Alagappa
20/02/2017 AEI Occasional Paper #28: The ASEAN Higher Education Forum (AHEF) 2015 (1) Nantana Gajaseni, (2) Patricia Pol, (3) James Hoopes
20/02/2017 Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and ASEAN economy: A policy shift in the Trump Administration and its impact Fumitaka Furuoka
11/01/2017 Regionalism in Asia Anthony Milner
11/01/2017 Will ASEAN Continue to be the Cornerstone of Malaysian Foreign Policy: The “Community-building” Priority Anthony Milner

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