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Salam Sejahtera and Greetings from the Center for ASEAN Regionalism Universiti Malaya (CARUM). We wish to welcome you who are interested in knowing more about us. CARUM was established in January 2015 when Malaysia became the Chairman of ASEAN. However, the purpose of CARUM's establishment is more comprehensive than when Malaysia became the chairman of ASEAN as CARUM aims to be a national resource on ASEAN regionalism. In addition, CARUM strives to become a Center for ASEAN network and ASEAN-led networks. It should be emphasized that CARUM is one of the few think tanks on ASEAN regionalism among higher education institutions in Malaysia. CARUM fully supports ASEAN's aspirations to promote One Vision, One Identity, and One Community.

CARUM is part of the Asia Europe Institute (AEI), University of Malaya. It is in line with AEI's vision and mission to be a global reference point in teaching, research and learning on Asia-Europe relations, and its goal to lead frontier academic and intellectual research through smart partnerships in Asia and Europe. Therefore, CARUM's network and cooperation are not limited to Southeast Asia as it encompasses other regions such as Europe, South Asia, Central Asia, East Asia, West Asia and Africa. At the same time, CARUM's activities include seminars and conferences, research and publications on ASEAN and regionalism. CARUM also has established cooperation and partnership with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Malaysia and eventually, the ASEAN Secretariat in Jakarta. In addition, CARUM works with the business community and non-governmental institutions domestically and abroad.

CARUM is ready to work with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Malaysia and the ASEAN Secretariat in preparation for 2025, where Malaysia will again be the ASEAN Chairman and host the ASEAN Summit. It should be highlighted that although CARUM has established cooperation with other regional organizations such as the European Union (EU), the main focus of CARUM is “ASEAN Centrality” and “Malaysia's participation in ASEAN”. Once again, we at CARUM welcome the participation of scholars, diplomats, researchers, the business community and any like-minded parties interested in ASEAN regionalism. Terima kasih and thank you.

Associate Professor Dr. Roy Anthony Rogers
Director, CARUM

Last Update: 20/11/2023