Negara Brunei Darussalam in 2018: Some Good News at Last

By Jörn Dosch, Jatswan S. Sidhu
Posted on March 12th, 2019

Jörn Dosch, Jatswan S. Sidhu
Asian Survey, Vol. 59 No. 1, January/February 2019; (pp. 204-208)


After four years of economic gloom, the Bruneian economy began showing signs of recovery, mainly thanks to improved global oil prices and the fruits of government policies introduced three years ago. In the meantime, the sultan’s seriousness in combating corruption has taken center stage, with young new faces introduced in the recent cabinet reshuffle. Implementation of sharia law remains slow. On the international front, Brunei appears to be moving closer to China, which is emerging as the country’s largest foreign investor.


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Seluruh warga UM merakamkan ucapan setinggi-tinggi takziah kepada keluarga beliau.